Why Safety Features Are Crucial In Toddler Wood Puzzles

Why Safety Features Are Crucial In Toddler Wood Puzzles

Buying toddler wood puzzles is usually meant to help the kid improve their motor and cognitive skills. But that should not lead to the compromise of the health aspect of the wooden puzzles. Safety of the child should always come first. That is why safety features are some of the critical factors that you need to check in toddler wood puzzles. Here are the benefits of investing in toddler wood puzzles with impressive safety features:

Good Health

Safety features help to maintain and promote good health of the kid. One of the major health hazards with toddler wood puzzles is the use of risk components in the making of the boards. Among the most dangerous elements that have been found in poor quality wooden puzzles are dangerous paints. Some parents may not know it, but there could be the presence of heavy metals such as lead and mercury in the paints used for in designing the board. If your child is exposed to such dangerous metals, it affects their brain development and growth as well as promoting medical conditions such as cancer. That is one of the reasons why you should consider safety features.

Freak Accidents

Depending on the kind of toddler wood puzzles that you have bought for your kids, it is possible to experience freak accidents that could result in severe injuries. You need to check some of the safety features such as sharp edges since they can cause severe injuries to your kid. If the board fells off from the table, it is likely to cause injuries such as breakage of limbs. That is why it is recommended that you go for angular shaped toddler wood puzzles. These kinds of boards have smooth edges and thus less hazardous.

No Infections

One last thing that most parents do not know about toddler wood puzzles is that they can be a source of infections if the quality of wood is poor. Some of the wood qualities in the market can be affected by humidity. That simply means that they can provide perfect that promotes the growth of bacteria causing infections. That means your kid will have infections which will be difficult to deal with. That is why the quality of the material is crucial since it also improves safety features. Buying toddler wood puzzles made from the wood that has gone through the dehumidification treatment is recommended. With such wood, you will never have a problem with infections.


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