Simple steps of making children’s wooden jigsaw puzzles

Simple steps of making children’s wooden jigsaw puzzles

Sometimes if you want to give grown-ups trouble, try giving them children’s wooden jigsaw puzzles. Although they seem to look basic, it can be a bit challenging as they are hard to reassemble the pieces. Studies show kids who solve this puzzles on a daily basis develops better cognitive skills and quantifiable health benefits as well. If you find hard buying them in the market, here are the simple steps of making them:

Gather the requirements

The first step is to determine the size of the stock you’ll use. For instance, you can choose ¾ inches ply where you will make the piece It’s also not necessary to pick super decent wood for this however if you needed to complete it out with oil stains of different colors.

Draw the Picture

Draw whatever you need your puzzle to look like on the wood using a pencil. Leave a little room on the sides and in the top side for some other time. It doesn’t make a difference if you are a good artist or not, make a fascinating shape that is near what you need and put in mind that any shape you make will need to be removed with a saw edge so fine detail wouldn’t of any advantage.

Mark It Up

After drawing the shapes go over it in marker, pen or heavier pencil. You will notice the drawings will be somehow better compared to the original designs. That is alright; nobody will ever know after we are completing this task.

Scribe the outer edges

At this stage, you can use a little compass and scribe the bottom and top so that you can draw and connect the lines with ease.

Cut the Outer Shape

Next is to begin cutting the outer shapes.

Sand the Shape

If your pieces don’t look better especially the outside edges, you should not give up. Use a sander to try and remove the undesired edges and then make it smooth.

Single out the odd shapes

The purpose of children’s wooden puzzles is to make them odd looking however not so distinctive. The human eye is great at choosing designs so don’t single out the simple ones. Make the shapes special but somehow wavy and blob-like.

Make More Pieces

Cut whatever remains of the puzzle and make many pieces. You can use Craftsman Saw to cut up the required bends but also any fine saw would do also.

Prep for Paint

At this stage, you can now paint them to give a color code.

Final product

The final result of this piece of art should now be looking great. Your kids can now enjoy solving this puzzle during their leisure time. For a 30 piece puzzle, it can take the normal grown-up 13 minutes to solve a puzzle with different colors and about 23 when without. However, you can still acquire ready-made children’s wooden puzzles from the local shops or online platforms.

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