3 features That Peg Puzzles for Babies Must Have

3 features That Peg Puzzles for Babies Must Have

While buying peg puzzles for babies, what should you look for? Well, there are numerous factors you should look out for. Although looking for the quality of the board and the artwork are some of the major features that parents look for, there are other critical factors you must get from the peg puzzles of choice. These are usually the benefits main benefits that the child is expected to gain after solving puzzles. However, sometimes the parent, especially first-time buyers miss out on these features. Therefore, before buying peg puzzles for you baby, here are 3 factors that you must ensure have been featured extensively:

Hand-eye Coordination Factor

Hand-eye coordination skill is one of the essential skills that the kid must learn from a very young age. At the toddler stage, the kid must be able to work on this skill with a lot of ease. Therefore, the peg puzzles for babies that you buy must be designed to help the kid develop this skill. There is the key thing that you should look for in a peg puzzle to ensure that your kid will benefit from these features. Check if the design enables the kid flip, turn, remove and move the pieces with ease. It is by doing these things that kids are able to learn how to connect their hands and their eyes.

Problem Solving Strategies

Solving problems is one of the crucial skills that kids get from peg puzzles for babies. It is also one of the reasons why peg puzzles and other puzzles are highly recommended to babies and toddlers. Learning strategies on how to solve problems is one of the key ways that kids are able to improve their brain capacity at a very young age. A good puzzle should be designed in a way that it makes the kid think critically on how to solve. They have to get a strategy which works best for them. Check the number of pieces and how challenging they can be to the kid.


The third and last feature that you must check is the entertainment aspect of the peg puzzles for babies. Kids don’t like something that dull and boring. With time, they will have nothing to do with the puzzle. Therefore, your choice of peg puzzles for babies should come with entertaining features such as creative artwork, attractive colors, sound and lighting and so on. These are elements that will keep the kid entertained.

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