Why you should buy wooden peg puzzles for your kids

Despite the inception of smartphones and other technology gadgets, wooden peg puzzles are still the ideal way for kids to having fun. Some kids, however, like playing video games than the traditional puzzles. As a guardian, you have to encourage kids into playing puzzles as it has quantifiable benefits that come along. Studies show that involvement in puzzle playing enables a person to develop various skills that are essential for general well-being. Here are some of the benefits that come along when you subject your kid to this kind of games:

Improves memory

A health memory enables a person to grasp and recall things with ease. When a kid solves a wooden peg puzzle, he or she reinforces the coordination between the brain cells. This will enable a child to have a better mental speed that will improve the thought processes. Wooden peg puzzles are also good for enhancing the short-term memory. When a child grasps the different colors and shapes while figuring out the bigger picture, he or she develops the short-term memory.

Develops problem-solving skills

The ability to have sound judgment during different challenges is good for a person to thrive well in life. When kids solve wooden puzzles, they first identify the problem then find the piece that matches in shape and color. By doing this, they develop problem-solving skills that will come later on in life manifest. To solve a puzzle, one requires to come up with different approaches for trials.  Sometimes it involves trial and error, formulation of theories and testing of hypothesis.

Visual-spatial reasoning

When a kid solves the peg puzzle, he or she has to analyze different skills, compare them and finally figure out the piece that matches with the board puzzle. Doing this day by day enables a person to develop visual-spatial skills. A good visual-spatial skill enables a person to solve tasks every day including parking a vehicle, using a map, coming up with the estimates of items among others. Visual-spatial skills also help engineers, architects, artist, and surgeons in their daily activities.

Increases IQ

When a kid plays a peg puzzle, he or she masters different shapes, sizes, and colors. They also get a better understanding of the outside world. This will, in turn, improve the overall reasoning, memory, and memory of a person. Research has also indicated that a person improves IQ by four by solving about 26 puzzles every day.